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The Weekly ONE Thing January 28th - Boost Your Energy

When I think about all the things I would like to experience and achieve, one thing that sometimes holds me back from pursing them all, is my energy level. So my question this week is, "What is ONE thing you could do this week to boost your energy level?" Generally speaking, we all get energy from food and sleep. We also get energized by doing things we enjoy. Having an exciting project to work on can increase your energy and enthusiasm. Sometimes spending time with a great friend, a real "kindred spirit," can give you energy. Other energy boosters could include, reading an inspiring book, seeing a play, listening to music that you love, spending time in nature, or exercising. There are endless options.

I've decided for myself, that I am going to re-start a healthy habit that I used to have and somehow let lapse. My Weekly ONE Thing is to have a glass of my"healthy greens supplement" every morning. It's not the most pleasant taste or texture, but I think it was a great way to start my day and give me a burst of energy for my workouts and projects throughout the day. (Plus I will continue my focus on getting good sleep every night). It will be a fun experiment to see if I notice a difference in my energy.

I'd love to hear what you are going to try to boost your energy and also hear how your experiment works. Please share any comments you have! I love learning from other people's experiences, as well as my own!

What's ONE Thing you could do to boost your energy this week?

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