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Writer's Retreat Testimonial

I am totally shocked at how much I accomplished on the retreat weekend. I wrote 1/2 a book! It is my second book and my first book took me YEARS. I am astounded at the power of focus and accountability that the writer’s retreat created. I began the weekend worried that I would not get in “flow” because I don’t consider myself super creative. But the words kept coming. Chantal’s encouragement to turn off my internal editor yielded more creative energy than I’ve ever experience

If you’ve ever thought of writing a book, this is the way to do it. Whether you’ve written lots or not at all, it is the best way to tackle a writing project. You will exceed your own expectations. The energy created by Chantal and the other writer’s will inspire your creativity and carry you through when you feel stuck or tired. If you are worried about the time commitment, like I was, I believe that you will discover that giving yourself 3 days of focus is part of the gift of the retreat. It is more decadent that chocolate cake. 

Kelly - Account, Writer, Speaker

Coaching Testimonial

Chantal was a wonderful life coach! The best part about working with Chantal is she is very easy to talk to. It feels like chatting with a friend about your life, except that this friend happens to be equipped with useful tools and skills to help you get past any blocks you may have. Chantal truly wants you to succeed and feel like you are living your best life. Coaching with Chantal reinvigorated me to go after the life that I wanted. She motivated me to really consider the future, not as a big scary thing but something attainable, and then helped me to put a plan in place to move forward."

Cayley - Play-Write and Event Planner

Coaching Testimonial

I have had the privilege of working with Chantal as my personal life coach for over 1.5 years. I am happy to share the successful results with anyone and everyone.

Chantal’s calm and supportive nature combined with her skill in listening and guiding has helped me transition through a very difficult  period in my life. Having Chantal to talk to in numbers area of transition such as grief, career, goals, dreams, challenges and more has been beneficial to me in keeping me focused, positive and hopeful.

Our weekly, when needed, discussions were meaningful and strategic.  I found that Chantal could be versatile in her style by combining visualization and techniques in helping me stay accountable and on track.

I would recommend Chantal as a Life Coach for everyone who appreciates improved living.

Bhairvi - Author and Designer

Coaching Testimonial

Coaching with Chantal truly impacted my life. I always felt like she was in my corner and loved how she magically   and gracefully directed me to make my own decision, in my own way on major events in my life. Thank you so   much, Chantal!

Mike - Wellness Director

Coaching Testimonial


I really appreciated Chantal’s professionalism, generosity and relentless encouragement during our coaching time   together.  She always completely focussed on my journey and has a way of calmly, kindly bringing me back on track   and ready to dig in again.  I completely recommend her to anyone who is thinking about a coach.  You will not be   disappointed with Chantal and you will undoubtedly discover all kinds of things about yourself and about life that will   benefit you forever.

Becky- Author & Play-write

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