• Chantal

The Weekly ONE Thing January 14th - Get Organized!

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

If you tried doing ONE Thing last week for your health, I hope you had a great experience or gained some insight from your experiment. And if it made a positive impact in your life, I hope you will continue with it. I am going to keep my focus on sleep this week and want to make that a new habit for myself.

Now for something new to focus on this week. What is ONE Thing you could do this week that would make you feel more organized? Everyone has different ways of organizing things and different levels of organization. So wherever you are at, think of one small thing that you could do this week that will give your life more order.

Whenever I organize something in my home, it makes me feel more peaceful and free. If something was cluttered and I clean it up and make it look nice, it makes me feel lighter. But when life gets busy and it feels like I'm constantly on the run, I don't feel like I have the time to organize things. It seems hard enough to get the essential things done, never mind adding on something that could probably wait. I can procrastinate for a long time. But when I make the time to organize something, I often wonder why I never did it sooner. So my ONE Thing this week is to organize my pantry. I know my challenge will be to get rid of food items we haven't used in a long time. I hate wasting anything. I especially hate wasting money and throwing out food seems like a waste of money