• Chantal

The Weekly ONE Thing - January 7th

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

One idea to focus on each week to help you get the results you want!
The Weekly ONE Thing

The Weekly ONE Thing is one thing for you to focus on each week. It is a fun and simple way to improve your life one thing at a time.

This week's ONE thing question is, "What is ONE thing you could do this week to improve your health?" Why not start with a question that ties into many people's New Year's resolutions? If you started this year resolving to lose weight, exercise, eat healthy, give up any bad habits, then this will help kickstart that goal. The idea of the Weekly ONE thing is to make it simple enough for you to actually achieve it. So make it easy for yourself to be successful by picking one small thing you could do right now. If losing weight is one of your goals, (and it is one of mine), instead of going BIG like, joining a gym, starting a diet plan, going on a cleanse, etc., tr