• Chantal

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Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Abandoning T.V. for the week.

Last week's question was, "What is ONE Thing you can do to enjoy an interest or passion you have?" I said I was going to enjoy some Calgary Film Fest movies watch a T.V. series being filmed. Both were beautiful experiences for me. I am lucky enough to know someone who is a famous Canadian screenwriter and am friends with his wife, who is also a talented writer. They invited me to the set of a new Canadian T.V. series, Fortunate Sun, which will air on CBC in January. They were filming their second last day on their Springbank set and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to see how the magic gets made. I was impressed by the talented actors that had to perform the same great performance multiple times, while the crew filmed them from multiple angles. It did damper my perception of the glamour of acting. And it impressed on me the detail and thought that goes into any film production. I am so grateful for this experience. It was so fun!