• Chantal

The Weekly ONE Thing -Summer Celebrations!

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Last week I posed the question, "What is ONE thing you can do to prepare for summer." I said I wanted to prepare my body for summer by running a 1/2 marathon (which I was already planning on doing) and doing a 12 day cleanse. Looking back on it, I realize this was quite an ambitious challenge that I set for myself. I found the first 2 days on my cleanse very difficult and wondered if I would be able to do it. Then as the week went on, it got a lot easier as my sugar cravings subsided. But then I was concerned I wouldn't have the energy to do my run. Thanks to my great running partner, I made it through the run fairly easily, albeit slowly. Even though I was soaking wet from the constant rain during the run, I felt elated that I actually completed it. I have done many half marathons in the past, but I wasn't sure I was up for it this year, so it felt like a real achievement. After being so good for the past 6 days on my cleanse, I did end up cheating with 2 things at the end of the run. They had a glass of sparking cider for us at the finish line,