• Chantal

The Weekly ONE Thing - Something Exciting & New

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

What is something novel you could try this week?

Last week's ONE Thing question was, "What is ONE Thing you can do to nurture yourself?" I chose to book off 2 hours of unscheduled time on my birthday. It turned out to be a wonderful gift to myself. I notoriously fill my schedule to the max. I like to do EVERYTHING. That means I get to do a lot of wonderful things, but sometimes it leaves me feeling overstimulated or exhausted. Having those 2 hours on my birthday, created space for me to absorb all the wonderful things that happened that day. My beautiful friend, Smita, hosted a birthday brunch for me. She created such a magical celebration with the food and drinks she prepared, with the thoughtful gifts she gave me and our friends and the beautiful decorations and loving details to make it a special moment for me and everyone else there. And in the evening I went for a special dinner with my husband and children. So having that time in between gave me a chance to absorb all the beauty of the day. I had time to read texts and emails from friends reaching out to say Happy Birthday, time to FaceTime with my parents, time to write in my journal some thoughts on what I would like to create in this next year. Giving myself those 2 hours was a simple thing to do, but it allowed me to enjoy everything so much more. It exceeded my expectations and had a truly nurturing effect. I hope you enjoyed whatever you chose to do to nurture yourself!

So this week's question is, "What is something novel you could try this week?" With the start of Spring, it feels like a time of rebirth. There is a newness and freshness about Spring. It feels like you can wipe the slate clean from the past and start anew. With that sense of freedom, what is something novel, (original and new), you would like to try this week? It could be a new recipe, a new hairstyle, or a new spring outfit. It could be to try a new class, checkout a new restaurant. Or maybe you would like to try a new routine, like an early morning walk or a ritual of buying fresh flowers every week. Maybe you would like to start a new project that you might not be able to complete this week, but you could plan it and prepare to begin it.