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The Weekly ONE Thing - Show Me the Money and New Adventure on the Horizon

I'm happy to report that I did my ONE thing to add some festivity to my week. I created a chocolate and money Easter Hunt for my family (including my husband and parents). It was a lot of fun watching them race with each other to collect the loot. I did tell them they would have to divide the spoils evenly, but there was a bonus hunt for the ones who found the most chocolate and the most money. The kids found the most chocolate and my dad found the most money (he gave all of it to the kids). Since we weren't at home for Easter this year, I am glad that I had planned to do this activity so we could keep one holiday tradition. It brought us all together and added some laughter. It reminded me that even doing small things can add so much to my experiences in life. I felt rewarded just anticipating my family's fun and even more so, seeing them all participate and making me laugh with their antics.

Thinking about the real message of Easter being something much deeper than Easter Egg hunts, leads me to my question for this week. I was thinking of how the reason for celebrating Easter is Christ's resurrection. In addition to meaning 'rising from the dead', resurrection also means, the revitalization or revival of something. So my question is, "What is ONE Thing you would like to work on revitalizing in your life this week?" It could be reviving your passion for your career, your marriage, your family, or a hobby. It could be something physical, like revitalizing your kitchen or a piece of furniture, or it could be updating your wardrobe. You could revitalize your menu for the week. Or maybe it could be revitalizing your look with a new hairstyle.

Since I am on holiday with my family this week, I am going to revitalize my sense of adventure. I am the organizer for all my family's vacations. I love planning holidays, but I often feel like the family's tour guide. Everyone looks to me to have all the information and solve problems that come up (which they inevitably do when you are travelling). Feeling responsible for everyone's experience sometimes robs me of my own experience of freedom and adventure. So for the rest of this vacation, I am going to let go of my expectations and plans and just enjoy whatever comes up. The change is more mental than practical. I will still do what I always do, but will release my expectations of how everything should go and also of what everyone else's experience is. I think this shift in perspective will allow me to appreciate the unexpected. That is what adventure is all about!

I look forward to hearing from you about what you are going to revitalize in your life. You can comment below or on Facebook. Feel free to join our Weekly ONE Thing Community!

Fun Easter Hunt!

The Race is On!

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