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The Weekly ONE Thing - Sasquatch Sighting

Last week I posed the question, "What is ONE hard job you could do this week and ONE reward you can give yourself when you complete it?" So I completed my hard job of organizing my tax paperwork and my reward was my girls' birthday weekend in Banff. The reward exceeded any expectation I had. It was a beautiful weekend filled with friendship, fun and festivities. One of the highlights was going out dancing. Even though we were likely the oldest people in the night club, people gravitated to us. I think it was because we were just having fun and laughing. We even danced with the "Dancing Sasquatch" to complete the experience.

This reward weekend reinforced the law of attraction for me. My experience this weekend was, have fun and you will attract more fun. Be generous and you will attract generosity. Laugh and you will attract more laughter. Feel blessed and abundant and you will attract more blessings and abundance. Be loving and attract being loved. I feel humbled and grateful for this weekend, which was truly a soul-nurturing gift. And it has inspired me to want to give back more.

So that leads me to this week's question. "What is ONE thing you could do this week to be of service?" That could mean being of service to a friend or spouse or could extend to reaching out to members of your community or city. It feels great whenever I can use my gifts and talents to bring happiness to others. It also feels good when life is balanced between giving and receiving, between work and reward, between discipline and pleasure.

What I am doing for my ONE Thing, is to be a volunteer assistant in a Coaches Training Institute (CTI) coaching seminar this upcoming weekend. I loved my experience in CTI's coaching training program and am excited to experience it again, but this time in the role of an assistant. I am looking forward to giving of myself after receiving so much.

Since I won't have completed my ONE Thing by Friday, I am going to post my feedback in next Monday's ONE Thing post. I will continue this for future posts because it makes more sense to give feedback at that end of the full week and will make it so you only receive one post a week.

As always, I look forward to hearing anything about your ONE Thing experience. And remember our Weekly ONE Thing Facebook is a great place to share your experiences or things that inspire you.

Dancing with Sasquatch!

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