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The Weekly ONE Thing - Out Of The Cold And Into Spring

3 minutes in -110 degrees Celsius is novel!

Painting Plans

"What is something novel you could do this week," is the question I posed last week for the Weekly ONE Thing. I said I was going to do 2 things. One was to have a Cold Sauna Cryotherapy treatment with my husband. He was such a good sport about trying it. It doesn't seem possible that a person can experience -110 degrees Celsius. The technician who took us through the cold sauna experience told us the temperature that day was actually -113 degrees. Why would any sane person do this? Apparently there are many health benefits from this cold treatment including reducing inflammation and relieving arthritic pain. Beyond that, it felt like a personal achievement, It felt like conquering a fear or experiencing mind over matter. It was exhilarating -both physically and mentally. It was fun to share that experience with my husband and he said he actually enjoyed it and would do it again. So that novel experiment was a win!

My second plan was to gather the materials I need to do a poured painting. I didn't think I would have time to actually do the painting and I was right. I did figure out what I need and have collected most of the materials. I will finish collecting them this week and report back on my painting in a future post.

I hope you had fun or learned something from whatever you tried last week!

This week's question also ties into the spring season. It is the time of year that people think about spring cleaning. We can open our windows and let in fresh air. We can change up our decor to feel clean and new. Often spring cleaning means getting rid of things no longer needed. So with that idea in mind, "What is ONE thing you could let go of this week?"

You can take this question literally or metaphorically. You could get rid of old clothes, accessories, books, furniture or whatever you have in your home that you aren't using. Or you could consider letting go of an old resentment or guilt or any negative emotion you might be holding onto. Whatever you choose, letting go of it should give you some freedom and room for something positive to come into your life.

There are lots of physical things that I can think of that I could let go of and would like to let go of. But I think this week I am going to focus on letting go of fear. That sounds like a big job and I am not entirely sure of how to do it. I am going with my intuition on this one. It was the first thing that popped into my mind when I posed the question to myself. I think that I will pay attention to the things that make me feel fear throughout this week and whenever I become aware that fear is holding me back from doing something, I will challenge myself to move through my fear and take action. It sounds a little abstract but I think it could be a great experiment. I will let you know next week.

What is your intuition telling you to let go of this week? I'd love to hear your ideas or thoughts on this question in the comments below or in our Weekly ONE Thing Facebook Group! Here's to feeling free!

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