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The Weekly ONE Thing - Laugh 'Til You Cry

Time for a belly laugh!

The question I posed last week was, "What is ONE Thing you can do this week to reconnect with someone you care about?" I had a friend in mind who I had not been in touch with for several months because I didn't feel like they were being honest with me and did not want to get caught up in any drama. Yet, I felt guilty for not reaching out to my friend during a time when I know they could use support. I did have a conversation with my friend and had an opportunity to express how much I care for them and to listen to them. I am not sure if I feel very different than I did before we reconnected, except for the fact that I could convey my feelings of love for that friend. I also reached out to a few friends that live in other countries and am planning some FaceTime visits with them, which I am looking forward to. So overall, I am glad I took on the challenge to reconnect with someone I care about.

This week's question is, "What is ONE Thing you can do this week that will make you belly laugh?" Last week's experiment was a little somber for me, so I thought I balance it off with something lighter. Some ideas for what you could do would be to see a funny movie, have a good laugh with a friend or family member, go to a comedy club, or watch and then share a funny clip on Social Media. My idea this week, (and I hope some of you will do the same), is to find a funny clip on Social Media that make me laugh so hard that I cry and then share it with all of you on Facebook on my Create You Life Coaching Facebook Page or in our Weekly ONE Thing Facebook Group.

I'm looking forward to sharing some laughs together!

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