• Chantal

The Weekly ONE Thing - Fresh Dreams

Updated: May 20, 2019

It finally feels like Spring had Sprung in Calgary! After a few late season snow storms, it finally looks like we can put away our winter clothes and snow brushes and shovels. There is a freshness about the start of spring. It is a time of rebirth in nature and it feels like a time for fresh starts in our own lives as well.

Last week I posed the question, what is ONE thing that you would love to do if you didn't let fear get in the way?" I hope you feel proud of yourself for facing a fear that may have been blocking you from something you would like to do. My challenge to myself was to expand my coaching practice. Just envisioning how I would like that to look and speaking to people about it makes it seem like a reality even though it hasn't happened yet. I have had more clarity and ideas about how I would like to expand my work. And it is something that I can see will be a continued area of growth for me to work on. Instead of feeling fear around that, I feel excited and see opportunities. Last week's question shifted my perspective on my vision for my coaching practice.

This week's question is inspired by that fresh spring feeling I described at the beginning of my post.