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The Weekly ONE Thing - Fresh Dreams

Updated: May 20, 2019

It finally feels like Spring had Sprung in Calgary! After a few late season snow storms, it finally looks like we can put away our winter clothes and snow brushes and shovels. There is a freshness about the start of spring. It is a time of rebirth in nature and it feels like a time for fresh starts in our own lives as well.

Last week I posed the question, what is ONE thing that you would love to do if you didn't let fear get in the way?" I hope you feel proud of yourself for facing a fear that may have been blocking you from something you would like to do. My challenge to myself was to expand my coaching practice. Just envisioning how I would like that to look and speaking to people about it makes it seem like a reality even though it hasn't happened yet. I have had more clarity and ideas about how I would like to expand my work. And it is something that I can see will be a continued area of growth for me to work on. Instead of feeling fear around that, I feel excited and see opportunities. Last week's question shifted my perspective on my vision for my coaching practice.

This week's question is inspired by that fresh spring feeling I described at the beginning of my post. What is ONE thing you could do this week to create a fresh start in one area of your life? It might be hitting the refresh button on a relationship you have (by setting boundaries or discussing an area of discord or whatever you need to do for yourself to improve a relationship). It could be freshening up your decor by spring cleaning or changing from your winter linens to your summer linens. It could be creating a fresh new menu for dinner or for your weekly meal plan. It could be bringing out your summer wardrobe if you put things away in the winter or getting a new outfit or accessory for the spring. It could be revisiting a project you put on hold and will now approach with a fresh perspective.

The last idea is the one I am going to try for myself. I was reminded this past weekend about my dream of writing a sequel to my novel, Gypsy Dreams. When I published my book in 2014, I had envisioned it as the first of three novels in a trilogy. I had roughly outlined the plan for the subsequent books and had written a substantial portion of the sequel. Then I hit a roadblock in my plot line. At the same time I got busy with other projects like co-creating a women's retreat, so I put my novel idea on the back burner. This weekend I was talking to someone who told me he enjoyed my novel and was looking forward to the sequel. It sparked some excitement in me to revisit my sequel and rework my plot line and work toward its completion. I will let you know how that goes in next week's post.

I'd love to hear what fresh new idea you have for yourself this week! Please comment here or on Facebook or in our Weekly ONE Thing Facebook Group!

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