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The Weekly ONE Thing February 4th- Creating Support

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

What is ONE Thing that you could do this week to create support for yourself? It's no secret that we are more successful when we have support. Your support system could include your friends, family, co-workers, team, coach, community, and organizations. The more support you have, the more likely you are to grow and expand. If you are working on a project or a goal, think about who you could ask for assistance in achieving the results you want. Or maybe support for you could be designing a system or creating a routine that will support your desired results.

My ONE Thing is to create and invite people to join my Weekly ONE Thing Facebook Group. I want to make it easier for people to share their ONE Thing experiences and for other people to learn from them and be inspired by them. And also to create a group that supports each other in their various pursuits. I envision it as a place for people to share videos, quotes, movie and book titles, workshops, courses, events, etc., that would be interesting for growth-minded individuals. If you'd like to be a part of this group, please join and feel free to suggest it to anyone you think would be interested. It could count as your ONE Thing for creating support for yourself!

Link to the Weekly ONE Thing Facebook Group:

Create Support for Your Success!

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