• Chantal

The Weekly ONE Thing - An Open Invitation

What is ONE thing you could invite into your life this week?

"Everything happens for a reason." I am not sure who to credit for this quote, but it is a sentiment we often use to keep us optimistic. Today I was experiencing technical difficulties, so I couldn't login to my website in order to post my blog. Then I had a series of appointments, so I knew I wouldn't be able to post my blog until later in the day (and then only if the technology gods were on my side). As it turns out, the delay in my post was fortuitous because I was inspired by a conversation with an old friend today and will include the ideas it sparked for me later in the post. So it feels like the delay was meant to be.

But first, to recap from last week, I posed the question, "What is ONE thing you could let go of this week?" I chose the somewhat ambiguous challenge to 'let go of fear.' I wasn't exactly sure how that would work, but I started b