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The Weekly ONE Thing-Hop To The Festivities!

Last week's question was "What is ONE thing you would like to invite into your life this week?" I said I was going to invite my old practice starting my day doing a short yoga practice followed my meditation. I have to say that if I hadn't committed to doing this in my blog post, I don't think I would have done it. The first day I had an extra early start and I didn't think I had time to do it. But I got up 10 minutes earlier than I needed to and did what I promised myself I would do. It felt great to keep that promise. And it felt great to restart this practice I had enjoyed in the past. It was humbling that I felt sore after the first few days, when I never even considered this routine to be exercise in the past. After a week of making it part of my routine, I plan to continue it.

For this week's question, I felt inspired by Easter approaching. For the first time in a few years, I decorated Easter Eggs with my children. I forgot how fun (and messy) it can be. So my question is, "What is something festive you can do this week?" That's a pretty easy question considering Easter weekend is coming up. You may already have some festive plans or will be doing something festive to prepare for the holiday. But your "something festive" does not have to be related to Easter. It could be anything that is fun, exciting, colourful. It could something you do alone or with a group of people.

My plan for doing something festive is to make an Easter Egg Hunt for my teenage children, my husband and my parents. My kids are on their Spring Break next week and we are visiting my parents in Southern Utah, where they have been spending part of the winter. So we will be celebrating Easter with them there. Being away from home, I wasn't sure how we would celebrate Easter, but I have always enjoyed creating an Easter Egg Hunt for my children. I created an Egg Hunt for my parents once when I was an adult and it was hilarious watching them race against each other to see who could get the most chocolate. I'm curious what will happen adding my husband into the mix. It makes me giggle just thinking about it.

What are you going to do to be festive? I'd love to hear your ideas on this question in the comments below or in our Weekly ONE Thing Facebook Group! Happy Easter! Have fun!

What is something festive you can do this week?

Adding some creative sparkle to life!

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