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The Stories of Summer

Updated: Jul 6, 2020


The heat of summer in full bloom

Hot days and stormy nights

The expectation and fulfillment of vacation

Swimming, boating, camping, hiking


At the beach

Around the fire

In nature


Birthdays of friends and nations and cities



Ice Cream Treats

Pure Joy

Chantal Plowman

I often think that if July was a day of the week, it would be Saturday. It's a free day. It's a fun day. And even better, you don't have to think about work for at least another day. July feels like Saturday. It is full of possibility. The summer is still stretching out before you. There is the luxury of time in July. You can anticipate all the things you want from the summer and yet you are already experiencing them. You are fully present in summer.

This summer is different than other years because many holiday plans have been canceled or altered. Some people can't get to their cottages because they are across a border. Some plans are completely canceled. There is a grieving for those lost opportunities. What could possibly take their place? I think it is important to honour your grief and disappointment because there are some things that can't be replaced. And perhaps in grieving these missed experiences, you can see what it is that you wanted most. What are the feelings you wanted to have, the activities you wanted to do?

If your summer was a story, it is now time to re-write it. What do you want the story of your summer to be? Is it a story of reinvention, rebirth or adventure? Is it a story of an inner journey? A story of activity? Of creation? Of leisure? Of productivity. You are the author of your summer story. You get to cast yourself as the hero or heroine. What do you want for yourself? What are the obstacles? How will you overcome them? Is it a comedy? A tragedy? A farce? A poem? You get to decide. Choose your story. Create it. What do you want the story of your summer to be.

For me, I want my story to be like the kind of stories I like to read. I want it to have an adventure, maybe a mystery and of course have some romance. So even with the limitations of COVID, I would like to try some new things to fit with the adventure or mystery aspect of the story. I would like to go on some hikes that I have never been on before. I did go with my children last week and we encountered a Grizzly Cub, so that might be more adventure than I am looking for. I suggested to my husband that we have our own book club where we take turns choosing a book to discuss and we go on a date to a new restaurant for our book club discussion (maybe that counts towards romance). And I want to complete writing my Gypsy Dreams trilogy this summer (since the genre is romance/mystery that gets 2 checks). Thinking about these things makes me feel excited for the summer even with the COVID challenges.

What about you? What kind of story will you create for your summer? Please share anything you would like in the comments below, in our Weekly ONE Thing Facebook Group or on Facebook or any other social media.Your stories can inspire other people. I look forward to reading your posts!

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