• Chantal

The Gift You Want to Give

What is ONE thing you want to give a loved-one this Christmas?

Last week's questions was, "What is ONE thing you can do this week to get you in the holiday spirit?" I said I was going to watch Christmas movies with my daughter. I did watch a few Christmas movies and my family joined me periodically. It did help put me in the holiday spirit. I hope you had fun with whatever you planned to do and that you are enjoying the pre-Christmas season.

In this busy lead-up to Christmas, we are often focussed on shopping for presents and preparing food for celebrations. Christmas is a season of giving. We all know the adage,"it is better to give than it is to receive." It can be so gratifying to give someone a gift that you have put a lot of thought and effort into. Besides nice presents and meals, what is that you would really like to give to the people you care about? This week's question is, "What is ONE Thing that you want to give this holiday season?"