• Chantal

Take the Plunge

Standing on the Edge of Greatness!

Last week's question was, What is ONE Thing you can do this week to celebrate yourself?" I said that I already had the celebration I was looking forward to by going out for a dinner with my parents after presenting them with the book that I wrote about them. We also celebrated my mom writing her book in one week because she volunteered herself for my experiment of being coached to write a book in one week. I felt extremely proud of both of us and thoroughly enjoyed that celebration. And I did part of my second celebration, which was to sit outside on my deck in the sun and read the book that I wrote. I read about 1/3 of my book and I have to say that I love what I have read so far. I did some editing while reading it, but for the most part, just enjoyed reading it like I would enjoy reading a novel. I hope my parents will let me share it when it is edited because I think it is a great story. But even if they don't, I am so happy to have had the experience of writing their story and having them enjoy it. And I fully enjoyed the process of creating the book and then reading it myself. I think it will be a family treasure.

I hope you enjoyed whatever you did to celebrate yourself. It sounds like an easy thing to do, but one we rarely make the time and effort to do. But it is equally as important as working hard and achieving positive results. We need a balance of both.

This week's challenge is might be more on the work side of the equation. It is, "What is ONE thing you could do this week that scares you, but could allow you to step into greatness?" Whatever popped into your head that you may have quickly dismissed because you don't want to do it, is probably the thing. It could be taking steps to change your job or making an investment. It could be taking action towards a dream you have for yourself. It could be making a major purchase or signing up for a course. It could be having an honest conversation with someone you need to clear the air with. This isn't a challenge to be reckless - just to dare greatly.