• Chantal

Synthesizing My Tony Robbins Experience

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

The question that I posed for November was, "will you listen to other points of view?" And I had defined "listening" as being willing to change your own point of view and agree with at least 10% of what the other person is saying. That way there is an opportunity to create a common ground and build upon it.

I had an opportunity to try this out last weekend when I took a 4 day (16 hours/day) Tony Robbins virtual Unleash the Power Within course. I hadn't been planning on taking the course but someone generously gifted it to me. When I first heard of Tony Robbins, I wasn't a big fan. I just thought of him as the infomercial guy with the strange hair. But when I watched his documentary I Am Not Your Guru on Netflix a few years ago, I started to think h