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Summer Rhythms

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Create the rhythm for your summer!

Happy Canada Day! June 21st might be the summer solstice, but July 1st signifies the start of summer for me. It also marks 6 months that I have been doing these weekly posts. My intention was to do them for 1 years, so this marks the halfway point. I have been enjoying doing these weekly challenges and can't wait to see what great things transpire in the second half of the year.

So, last week's questions was, "What is ONE Thing you can do to celebrate the start of summer?" I said I was going to celebrate my son's birthday at the river. His birthday is next week and I have sent the invitation to the whole family to join us in this fun, annual celebration. And I have to say that I have done a lot of celebrating this Canada weekend. We usually go to my husband's family cottage for the long weekend, but since we stayed in town this year, we have had a celebration every night of the weekend! So the summer is off to a great start.

Now with the summer holidays stretched out before me like a blank canvas, I am thinking of how I would like to fill that time. To me, summer signifies a time of freedom from the regular schedule. It's time to be spontaneous and enjoy freedom and fun. This is the time of year I look forward to going hiking in the mountains, swimming, early morning runs or twilight dinners and sleeping in. But the summer goes so quickly and sometimes it is the end of August and I wonder where the time went and why I didn't do all the things I was hoping to do. So my question this week is, "What is ONE Thing you can do to intentionally create the summer you want for yourself?" That question is somewhat loaded because it requires you to think about what you really want for your summer experience. I want the freedom of summer but I also want some structure to make sure I get to do everything that I want to do. So even though it seems like the opposite of freedom, I am creating my summer schedule. In my experience, schedules, if designed properly, actually create freedom. So I am blocking in times in my calendar for all the biggest priorities I have for the summer, while at the same time, blocking off time with no plans, so there is still space and freedom. This way, in September, I can look back on my summer and say I had a great time AND I did the things I really wanted to do.

What is important to you for your summer experience. You might make plans with friends, book a rafting or horseback riding excursion, plan a summer party, enter a race, start a project or block off a week to have no plans and see what comes up. The options are endless. I hope you will make this summer exactly what you want it to be by taking a few moments this week to think about what you would like it to look like.

Whatever you do, have a fabulous summer! And, as always, I would love to hear from you on what you will do this week. Feel free to share in the comments below, on Facebook or in our Weekly ONE Thing Facebook Group!

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