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Savouring The Sun-Day


The seasonal Sunday

Full of joy

Full of loss



Heat, Glorious Heat

Time to play

Time to think

Time to enjoy

Time is ticking

The full taste of summer

In all her glory

And at her height

Already fading

Still gorgeous

Appreciating it all

With only two months of summer holidays, August feels like the weekday equivalent of Sunday to July's Saturday. It is still a holiday offering fun and freedom. Only September is just around the corner. It was only the third week in July and someone said to me that the summer was almost over. I laughed, but that is not a perspective I want to take. Today is August 3rd and there is still so much summer to savour. I want to be present to it all and not have one foot already in September.

Savouring the remainder of summer is a good way to practice being present. We often spend so much of our time anticipating the future that we sometimes we miss beautiful experiences to be had right in front of us. So my question for the month of August is, "What can you do to savour the rest of your summer?"

I think what I would like to experiment with, is to do something every day for the rest of August to maximize my summer experience. So I think that will include spending as much time outside as possible. If I have a chance to go swimming in the lake, I want to do that. If it is a nice day for a hike or a walk, I want to do that. I want to barbecue as much as I can and eat outdoors (if the mosquitoes aren't too outrageous). And when thoughts of September creep in, I want to hold them at bay as much as possible. I want to drink in these last days of summer with as much joy as possible and not focus on their imminent end. When September appears, as is inevitably will, I will focus on the gifts of September then.

What about you? What do you want to experience this August? How will you savour all that is still available to you this summer? Please share any plans or thoughts you have on this in the comments below, in our Weekly ONE Thing Facebook Group or on Facebook or any other social media.Your ideas can inspire other people. I look forward to reading your posts! Wishing you so much joy for the rest of your summer!

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