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Remembering People You Love

What is ONE Thing you can do to remember someone you love?

Last week's question was "What is ONE Thing you failed at the first time you attempted it and want to try again?" I said I was going to make another attempt at my previous week's challenge and track my food for the week on My Fitness Pal. The second time around was the charm. I was able to track my food for the week. I didn't like it at first. I could feel my resistance because I have created a habit of eating unconsciously and it was a little painful to have to account for everything I ate. However, there was also a great awareness and I did think about my eating more carefully than I normally do. I know there is value in this practice of tracking food for me. I am going to continue with this and make it a positive habit for myself. So even though it feels uncomfortable, I am going to continue to stretch my comfort zone and keep on tracking.

This week's question ties in with Remembrance Day. So today's question is "What is ONE Thing you can do to remember someone you love?" You can take this question to mean, what can you do to remember someone you love who has passed or what can you do to remember and appreciate someone you love who is alive. You could do something special for Remembrance Day to remember our Veteran's who fought for our country. You could go to a loved one's gravesite to honour them. Or you could just think of them and whatever happy memories you have of them. You could follow a tradition that was special to someone you have loved. For a person or people you love who are alive, you could let any of them know what they mean to you. Choose something that will allow you to express the love you feel for them.

For me, I am going to take some time to journal about the gratitude I feel for my ancestors. My mom wrote a story about her grandmother's life when we did our virtual writer's retreat this summer. I am re-reading it right now and I am humbled by the hard work and challenges my ancestors faced in creating a life in Canada. And in my journaling I'd like to explore ideas of how I might express my gratitude for my ancestors and my parents at this time.

What will you do this week to remember someone you love? I'd love to hear what you choose to do. Please share anything you would like in the comments below, on Facebook or in our Weekly ONE Thing Facebook Group!

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