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How do you want to express love for yourself and others?


The shortest month

A possible leap

Winter break holidays

Hints of Spring's approach

Promises kept

Promises broken

Valentine's Day

Expectations of love





Daylight extended

More light

Less darkness

Tracking your progress

Planning your next steps

Moving forward

Chantal Plowman

February is a unique month. It is the shortest month, even when it is a leap year. This year is a leap year. There is something magical about a month that has an extra day every four years. I have a friend who was born on February 29th, so we can celebrate her actual birthday this year! It seems special to be born on a day that only appears on the calendar in 4 year cycles.

February takes us one step further into our year. It is a good time to reflect on how we started the year. Are we keeping our resolutions? If we are, how do we want to move forward. If not, what is behind it? Do we need to change our approach or change our goal(s)? It's a good time to ask ourselves, what do we really want?

February is also associated with Valentine's Day. Some people love Valentine's Day and some people hate it and some people are indifferent. There is often pressure for couples to do something romantic and buy thoughtful presents. That can be lovely. It can also be awful when expectations are not met. Receive whatever is given to you with a grateful heart and relieve yourself of any expectations. What are some ways you can express love for yourself without needing someone else to do it for you? What is something really loving that you could do for yourself this month? It might be to continue with the plans you made in January. It might be to take a needed break. It might be to look after your physical self through diet, exercise and rest. It might be to love your emotional and spiritual self through things that nurture your soul. It could be doing something that you are passionate about, caring for your loved ones, or pursuing a creative project or hobby.

Choose a focus for yourself this February. Where would you like to focus your energy? What would you like to experience in this month? Be intentional about what you want. Write it down. Look at what you've written every day. Track your progress. Revise your plan if it is not working for you. Create your own experiment with yourself and see what results you get. Reward yourself for your efforts.

This month I want to continue with my focus on my diet and exercise to reach my desired weight. And I want to build on to that. When I think of doing something loving for myself, I want to challenge myself to get more sleep. I think if I went to bed earlier, it would set me up for a better morning the next day. And that would set me up for a better day. I have a self-sabotaging habit of staying up late. So it will take some planning and accountability to make a shift in this area for myself. I am going to account for my progress in this area on the last Friday of February. If I make progress with this, I am going to think of a way to reward myself.

What would you like to focus on this month? What will keep you moving in the direction of living the life you want? Please share anything you would like in the comments below, in our Weekly ONE Thing Facebook Group or on Facebook or any other social media.Your successes and challenges can inspire other people. I look forward to reading your posts!

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