• Chantal

How To Measure Your Success

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Tracking to get the results you want!

Last week's question was, "What is ONE boundary that you can set to help you reach your top goal(s)." I said I was going to set a boundary with my family that I am off duty as the "trouble-shooter" or " fixer" for whatever they need after 8pm to reserve at least an hour before bed to either prepare for my next day. I told my family about this new boundary but didn't actually discuss it with them. It worked to some degree, but I think I will spend some more time discussing how this will work with everyone and spend some time creating a ritual of going to my room at this time so that there is a physical boundary around this as well.

I also said I was going to set a boundary with myself to not eat after 8 pm. That worked really well on the weeknights and not as well on the weekend. So I think I will incorporate that into my intention and just commit to it on weeknights and do my best on the weekends.

This week's questions stems from a conversation I had with a dear friend that I visited last weekend. My friend is very knowledgeable about what you need to eat to create the results you want for your body. I was telling her that I would like to lose weight, but I feel rebellious at the thought of having to diet or limit myself to achieve that result. She suggested starting by looking at it as an experiment and tracking what I eat without judgement and monitor the calories and the results over a couple of weeks. That way I can evaluate the choices I am making and see what I could modify to change my results. I have always hated the idea of counting calories. I don't like tracking things. It feels limiting and boring to me. But when my friend described it as an experiment with no judgment, that helped me reframe the idea in