• Chantal

Gratitude Gaming

The question I posed for the month of October was, "What are you grateful for?" And I went on to challenge you to write 100 things you are grateful for. I hope you had fun with it. The thing about gratitude is that once you focus on it, it is so easy to build upon it. It creates it's own momentum. And it changes your perspective on life. It's like that story of looking to buy a type of car like a red sports car. All of a sudden you see red sports cars everywhere you go. The reason is because you are looking for them and noticing them. When you focus on what you are grateful for, it is easy to see of more things to be grateful for. Your mind starts to search for what is good in your life, and as a result, you see goodness all around you.

I think gratitude helped me this month with my mindset. With several months of living with COVID-19 and our ever-changing way of navigating the challenges that come with it, I feel better when I focus on what is good than on what I am missing. I am noticing small things more. Many things that I used to take for granted have become more precious. I never thought much about going out to a restaurant before COVID, but now it is really a special treat and I savour the experience in a way I never did before. Seeing family and friends in this C