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Follow Up Friday - Support Serendipity

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

I did my ONE thing - Yay! I set up the Weekly ONE Thing Facebook Group at:

My goal was just to set it up, but now I'd like to see it grow into a great source of support for it's members and to see the membership grow. I've already posted a couple of great videos that I like and found valuable. The last video I posted could help you look years younger (for FREE)!

I don't know if it is because I was focussing this week on creating support, but I received so much support this week from a variety of people. Some of the support I received was an unexpected surprise. Friends and family members connected me to people who gave me great advice on growing my coaching practice. Some good friends that I haven't spoken to in some time, reached out to me. It seems like, once I sent out my message on support, an abundance of support was sent back to me. I do believe that you get back what you give. It's not always immediate or in equal measure, but if you are sending positive words, thoughts and actions into the world, eventually positive things will be sent back to you. That certainly has been my experience. I'd love to hear what your experiences are with this.

An easy way to share your experiences, is to join The Weekly ONE Thing Facebook Group and post your thoughts. You can share what your ONE Thing for the week is, or what you learned in your experience of focusing on ONE thing. Or you can share a quote, a video, a song, an image, a joke or anything that you enjoy and think other people would enjoy as well. Send out your positive things and see what comes back.

Having a supportive community benefits us all!

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