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Follow Up Friday - Labour of Love

Well I am happy to say that I feel pretty good about doing my ONE thing this week, (which was really 3 things). It was a bit more work to do the ONE thing that each member of my family asked for, than just buying gifts, but it was worth it. It felt nice to give everyone something that they really wanted.

And my family gave back to me in different ways. Plus, I was pretty generous to myself. I decided to give myself a few Valentine's treats. I got myself a new journal and some rocks with the words Hope, Wish and Dream on them. They weren't extravagant gifts, as I picked them up in the Dollar Store while buying multiple Valentine's presents for our cat. Even though they were inexpensive, I love them and it feels like a treat to have them.

And I also asked my family for what I really wanted. I knew this Valentine's Day would not have much chance of turning into a romantic evening because my husband and I were going in different directions, taking our kids to their respective hockey games. But I told my husband in advance what I really wanted - for him to dance with me and then sit and have a conversation together when we all reconvened at home. Even though my husband doesn't love dancing and it was late when we all got back from hockey, I got my wish. Then I asked everyone if they could all sit by the fireplace and say one thing that we love about each family member. I love things like that and my family knows it. I don't think they were thrilled by the idea at first, but they agreed to go along with what I wanted. In the end, I think everyone appreciated all the lovely things that were said about them. I know that I did. That was the best gift I could have received.

This week's experiment has left me feeling loved and blessed.

Give and You Will Receive

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