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Follow Up Friday - Get This Party Started

The questions this week was "What is ONE hard job you could do this week and ONE reward you can give yourself when you complete it?" I had said my hard job was to gather and organize all of our tax paperwork. It wasn't actually that hard once I got started. I find that is true of a lot of things that I think will be hard. It's just the first step that is difficult and if I can get over that first hurdle, which is mostly in my mind, everything else follows pretty easily. I found once I got this job done, I had an even more productive week than normal. The momentum of completing a task that I had perceived as difficult, gave me energy to do even more work. Plus I had the added incentive to get things done early because I am going out of town for the birthday celebration weekend!

I can't comment on the reward because it hasn't happened yet, but I am certain it will live up to all my expectations. I will write about it in Monday's post when I share the Weekly ONE Thing question for next week.

How did your week go? Did you accomplish something difficult this week? If you did, congratulations! If you didn't, it's not too late. You can even pick something small to do. The feeling of satisfaction of getting some unhappy chore out of the way, is a reward in itself. But it feels even better to celebrate your work with something special that you choose for yourself. I'd love to hear anything you want to share on your experience - if it was a success or if you felt stuck. There's always something to learn when you reflect on your experiences. As always, you can share in the comments below our in our Weekly ONE Thing Facebook Group!

Time to Celebrate!

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