• Chantal

Follow Up Friday- Darkness Sparks Insight

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

My ONE Thing challenge for myself this week was to try something new. So I said I was going to go to the Dark Table Restaurant, which is a restaurant where you dine in complete darkness. Even entering the restaurant was a new experience. The ultraviolet lighting in the entrance and bar area was novel, as was having to lock my coat and purse in the metal lockers flanking the entrance. Then, our party of 4 made a modified Congo line, placing hands on each other's shoulders, as we were led to our table behind the black curtain. I was a little apprehensive as we were completely engulfed by the darkness. The fact that a patron seated just before us quickly escaped back to the front door, announcing she had to leave, made me a little concerned. I wondered if the darkness would make me feel claustrophobic as well. But as we carefully shuffled along in the dark, following our gentle-voiced server who was blind, I felt a sense of trust.

Sitting down at our table was funny. I felt like a child, being placed in my chair. When we were all seated, we reached for each other's hands to know where everyone was. We found our cutlery and made a note of it's location so we wouldn't knock it off the table. I was certain I would not be making any large hand gestures during our meal. We quickly received our drinks that were placed on the table and our server ensured we had them in hand before she let go of them. It was a challenge guiding the glass to my mouth the first time. The experience was hilarious and humbling.

Even on the journey to the table, I noticed the smell of garlic and loud conversations going on. I had anticipated that my other senses might be heightened due to my loss of sight, but I'