• Chantal

Draw Your Line in the Sand

What boundary would serve you to reach your higher goals?

Last week's question was "What is ONE Thing you can learn from a mentor?" I said I was going to try joining Robin Sharma's 5 am club and see what getting up at 5 am every day would do for me. I must confess that I only get a 50% on this challenge. I could go into the stories of why didn't achieve 100% success, but it came down to choosing other priorities over the 5 am goal. On the days I did get up at 5 am, I created a great routine of drinking my hot lemon water while working on a writing project that I am excited about. Thinking about working on that project did motivate me to get out of bed. I also had time to reinstitute my morning routing of yoga, meditation and journaling. I achieved some of my best work by 7am on the days I got up early. So I am going to keep this challenge and see how it goes this week. Even if I only do it 3 or 4 times each week, it will be a big benefit to me.

I chose this week's question because I think it is one that will serve me well as I begin my 6 month coaching certification process this week. The question is,