• Chantal

Do The Hard Thing

What will you challenge yourself to do?

Last week's questions was "What is ONE Thing you can do this week to be more productive?" I said my ONE thing would be to eliminate playing games on my phone. I deleted those games off my phone and I realized that it was really a time-wasting habit that had developed so subtly. It didn't free up a huge amount of time because I usually played the games when I was waiting to pick up my kids or when I had an idle moment, but it did make me aware of how I was filling time. Instead of playing a game, I had time to read or just be present in the moment. I realized that those games weren't doing anything for me other than filling space. Deleting the games made me more conscious about how I use my precious time. I hope your ONE Thing from last week gave you some insights about how you use time.

This week's questions is, "What is ONE Hard Thing you will challenge yourself to do this week?" Last week both