• Chantal


Last week's questions was "What is ONE gift from the heart you can give yourself this week?" I said the gift I wanted was the gift of completion. I wanted to do the final editing of my book, so I could have the print version of my parent's story ready for them for Christmas. It feels great to say that I got it done. It is just pending Amazon's review process and I will be able to order the print copy next week. I am so grateful for technology and platforms like Amazon's KDP, that make it accessible for anyone to self-publish their book(s).

The theme of completion is still resonant for me as we are now in the month of December and 2019 will soon be drawing to a close. It is almost a year now that I have been writing my "Weekly ONE Thing" blog. It has been a lot of fun for me and it has given me a great focus each week over this past year. I feel these weekly goals have contributed greatly to many positive changes for me over the course of this year. I feel great that I have been able to post something every Monday. My last Weekly ONE Thing post will be on December 30th. I am planning to launch something new in January, so this blog is nearing its completion. In preparation for that, let's start something that I hope you will carry into the new year for yourself, which is to create your own ONE Thing question.