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Last week's questions was "What is ONE gift from the heart you can give yourself this week?" I said the gift I wanted was the gift of completion. I wanted to do the final editing of my book, so I could have the print version of my parent's story ready for them for Christmas. It feels great to say that I got it done. It is just pending Amazon's review process and I will be able to order the print copy next week. I am so grateful for technology and platforms like Amazon's KDP, that make it accessible for anyone to self-publish their book(s).

The theme of completion is still resonant for me as we are now in the month of December and 2019 will soon be drawing to a close. It is almost a year now that I have been writing my "Weekly ONE Thing" blog. It has been a lot of fun for me and it has given me a great focus each week over this past year. I feel these weekly goals have contributed greatly to many positive changes for me over the course of this year. I feel great that I have been able to post something every Monday. My last Weekly ONE Thing post will be on December 30th. I am planning to launch something new in January, so this blog is nearing its completion. In preparation for that, let's start something that I hope you will carry into the new year for yourself, which is to create your own ONE Thing question.

So for this week, think about what you would like to focus on and create a ONE Thing challenge for yourself. You could use any of the questions from the blog from this past year? You could think about the season or events happening in you your life for inspiration. My question for myself this week is, "What is ONE Thing I can do to maintain a feeling of peace throughout this week?" I have a busy week coming up, with Christmas preparations, hosting a few social events, coaching sessions, my kids hockey schedules and all my regular daily responsibilities. As I think about my week, I am feeling a little bit anxious. I would like to "be" peaceful this week now matter what or how much "doing" is required. To help myself be peaceful, I am going to plan each day to have my main focus on only the most important things and letting the less important things go or put them on the back burner. I am going to keep my "to do" list to the top 3 items of importance. If I can get to items 4,5,6, or more, that would be great. But if I can only do the top 3 things and remain peaceful, that fees like a win for me. I am also going to stop and take at least 5 deep breaths anytime I start to feel overwhelmed, and then see what I decide to do after having calmed down to breathe.

Feel free to use my question, but if you have another great question, use your own question for yourself. If you do have a good question, please share it with the rest of us in the comments below or on FB. I would love to hear the questions you come up with .Please share anything you would like in the comments below, or in our Weekly ONE Thing Facebook Group!

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