• Chantal

Celebrate Yourself - It's Good For You!

Celebrating Finishing My Parents' Story

I am happy to say last week's challenge was a HUGE SUCCESS! Last week's question was, What is ONE Thing you can do this week that seems like a big stretch, that would make you proud of yourself for even attempting it? I couldn't be happier for completing my stretch of writing my book in ONE week! Last Sunday night I was feeling nervous for myself and the two people who agreed to try this ONE week virtual book retreat with me. But there was no need for nerves, (although that may have helped get us moving), for each one of us had great success.

We were all armed with a clear understanding of what was important to us about writing our book and what we would get from writing our book. We had an outline of the project and a mockup of the book jacket cover to make it feel like the book was already here. And we had lots of tools to keep the voices of self-doubt quiet. We also had a plan to receive support to keep going. That really seemed to work. I wrote a book about my parents early lives up until the time they got married. It was great to connect with them to get details of the significan