• Chantal

Busting Time-Wasters

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Time is precious - make the most of it!

Last week's question was "What is ONE way you would like to "be" for this first week of September?" It turned out to be a very helpful focus for my week. I had said I wanted to be accepting of whatever happened during the week. I chose that focus because I thought it might be a challenging week with my kids having their first week of school and being in stressful hockey evaluations. Having my mantra for the week to "be accepting" was helpful in navigating different challenges that popped up. But I really struggled to be accepting when my husband accidentally hit our son's car in the driveway as he was backing out of the garage on our son's first day of school. My first reaction was shock and then anger, (at my poor husband who was just distracted because he had so many things on his mind). I really wanted to stay stuck in my negative reaction to the event, but then I remembered that I had committed to be accepting. Every time I would start to feel upset that things hadn't gone the way I had wanted them to for the first day of school, I would remind myself of my mantra. It's easy to be accepting when things are good. It's not so easy, but probably more essential, when they are hard. Last week's ONE Thing focus really helped reframe my perspective and have a better experience.