• Chantal

Broken Rhythm

What is ONE Thing you can do to complete something unfinished in your life?

Last week's questions was What is ONE Thing you can do to intentionally create the summer you want for yourself? I said I was going to create a summer schedule and block in times in my calendar for all my biggest priorities for the summer and blocking off time with no plans. It was a great idea...and I didn't do it. I got busy with various things and most of my attention went to other priorities for my family and events that came up at the start of this month and I didn't sit down to create my schedule. Instead I went with the flow of things as they came up, and as a result, missed focussing on my biggest priorities, including posting my blog piece on Monday. But instead of beating myself up over it and giving up on my intention, I am going to tie it into this week's question, which is, "What is ONE Thing you can do to complete something unfinished in your life?"

Obviously for me, I would benefit from blocking off time this week and make my summer schedule a priority. It will allow me the opportunity to work on some big goals I have for myself this summer, including writing a book. So I am excited about it and am looking forward to doing it.

Some ideas for things you could complete include, doing an online photo album or collage of your photos from the year, cleaning out a cluttered space in your home, finishing a project that you started that got stalled for some reason, completing work in your garden or deck to enjoy your outdoor living this summer. Or it could be to decide not to do