• Chantal

A Month of Social Distancing

As I review this past month, I am aware that I experienced a paradox in the way I perceive time. For me, it felt like time simultaneously went quickly and stood still. It was such a surreal feeling to wake up each day and remember that the world had changed. My kids were studying at home, my husband was working from home. I was still coaching my clients. And I was still connecting with family and friends, but through Zoom or passing people as I went for a daily walk or run, but of course keeping a 6 feet gap between us. Getting groceries felt like a scary new learning curve.

In a month with much less activity than usual, I feel like I learned a lot and changed the way I see some things. I watched some documentaries that friends had recommended. It made me realize how manipulated we, the general public, can be by pop culture, entertainment and media campaigns. There are so many sources of information