• Chantal

A Funny Message from 'Donald Trump'

Laugh at yourself- it feels good!

Last week's question was "What is ONE Thing you can do this week to experience being in the moment?" I said I was going to focus on being present every time I was in line. It was a great idea. Sometimes I did it and sometimes I forgot. One day I was driving home from the store on automatic pilot and I realized that I forgot my intention to be present when I was waiting in the line-up. I was so "not present" that I couldn't even remember being in the line-up. But, when I did remember afterward what my intention was, I focused on being present in that moment. With that focus in the back of my mind, I had many moments this week where I remembered my intention and tuned into all my senses to appreciate the moment. I did it when we were out on the boat with the family, appreciating the scenery, the breeze, the sensation of the water. I'm glad I focused on being present this week and I am going to continue with that focus because it creates a momentum. The more I did it, the more often I remembered to do it again. I didn't follow the construct I set for myself of doing it in line, but I did it at other times. I'm not sure what it did for me, but I think it made me more relaxed and also more appreciative of special moments throughout the week.