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A Funny Message from 'Donald Trump'

Laugh at yourself- it feels good!

Last week's question was "What is ONE Thing you can do this week to experience being in the moment?" I said I was going to focus on being present every time I was in line. It was a great idea. Sometimes I did it and sometimes I forgot. One day I was driving home from the store on automatic pilot and I realized that I forgot my intention to be present when I was waiting in the line-up. I was so "not present" that I couldn't even remember being in the line-up. But, when I did remember afterward what my intention was, I focused on being present in that moment. With that focus in the back of my mind, I had many moments this week where I remembered my intention and tuned into all my senses to appreciate the moment. I did it when we were out on the boat with the family, appreciating the scenery, the breeze, the sensation of the water. I'm glad I focused on being present this week and I am going to continue with that focus because it creates a momentum. The more I did it, the more often I remembered to do it again. I didn't follow the construct I set for myself of doing it in line, but I did it at other times. I'm not sure what it did for me, but I think it made me more relaxed and also more appreciative of special moments throughout the week.

So I had a few ideas for this week's question, but I think I will go with the one that literally "popped up" for me last night. I had a hilarious dream last night, (or at least it seemed hilarious to me). I dreamt that I was taking a university course taught by Donald Trump. This dream had nothing to do with politics, so whatever your feelings are about Donald Trump, don't be in a panic because my dream was not a political commentary. It was more of a reflection on Donald Trump's propensity for self-promotion. In my dream, I had a one-on-one interview with him for his personal assessment of me in his class. He looked at me with a pose of serious reflection and said, "Chantal, you are like me. You are the person that people want to be around at a party. No one would leave Chantal alone at a party. And that's like me." He gave me a nod of approval and for some crazy reason, (and all reasoning seems crazy in dreams), I was very touched by his endorsement of my character and praise for my theoretical popularity at a party. I don't know what this dream meant because that would likely require some psychoanalysis. But on a surface level, I thought it was so funny. I woke up laughing. It was so comical to me that I was relying on Donald Trump to bolster my self-esteem. The message I took away from it was, 'Don't take yourself too seriously.'

So that leads to my question for this week. "What is ONE Thing you could do this week to allow you to laugh at yourself?" We all make mistakes or have embarrassing moments every week or maybe every day. If we get mad at ourselves or berate ourselves, it takes a toll on how we feel about ourselves and drags us down. But if we can laugh at our missteps, it makes us much more likely to take risks and grow. It takes away the fear of trying new things because even if we look silly, we can laugh about it.

I have been on holidays this past week with my family and my kids brought friends along on the holiday. I was watching my daughter and her friend doing all kinds of silly things and laughing hysterically, as only teenage girls can. If they had an accident or made a mistake, it only added to the humour. Humour takes the sting out of difficult situations. "As long as you can laugh at yourself, you will never cease to be amused." Anonymous

So for this week, try on the perspective of a comedian and laugh at your troubles. If you make a mistake or embarrass yourself, go with the flow and focus on the 'funny'. Some things might seem impossible to do that with, but even with big things, try to find the thread of humour and see where it leads you. It might not make things better, but you will feel better and be in a better mental place to find solutions. If nothing else, it will give you a moment of comic relief. There's no harm in giving this experiment a try.

And, as always, I would love to hear from you on what you will do this week to laugh at yourself. Please share any funny things that come up during the week in the comments below, on Facebook or in our Weekly ONE Thing Facebook Group! We could all enjoy in the humour together!

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12 ago 2019

Thanks so much Chantal!! I love receiving these emails but this one resonated with me. I need to laugh at myself more often!!

Me gusta
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