• Chantal

A Focus on "Being"

Being fabulous this week!

Last week's question was, "What is ONE Thing you can do this week to make someone else's day?" I have to admit that I forgot to keep this in mind for most of the week until I was preparing for this week's post. Upon reflecting on my week of any random acts of kindness that came up, I found that I was on the receiving end or witness to many kind gestures. A friend made me a lovely coffee for our early morning walk. My mom decided to spontaneously join my daughter on a back to school shopping expedition and bought her a cute top. I watched my husband help a young boy who looked like he was on a coffee run for his parents and their co-workers. I thought of lots of things I did for my family and small gestures of kindness I did for strangers. Just reviewing the kind acts I took part in or witnessed during the week made me feel great. I hope you had great success with your ONE Thing.

For this week's ONE thing, I was had thought of lots of ideas for things that I could do for the the first