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Be Here Now

Last week's question was, What is ONE thing you could do this week that scares you, but could allow you to step into greatness? I said I am going to do my coaching certification this fall. As soon as I put that out into the world by stating it in my blog post, I got a lot of support to make that happen. Support came in the form of encouragement from people close to me, new clients and confirmation that the timing will work. Often when you make a bold move towards your goals or dreams, you get support you never imagined before you took that first step. I hope you experienced support for whatever bold action you took toward your goal. And if you didn't take action, it's not too late. You can do it anytime and see what support comes your way to make it happen.

This week's question is, "What is ONE Thing you can do this week to experience being in the moment?" That is such a trendy thing to say. Everyone is talking about "being present" and "mindfulness" and there is a reason for that. When we are in the now, it takes away all the pressure of "doing" something for the future or "worrying" about things from the past. The more we can access being in the now, the more peace we feel and the more power we can actually access to be who we want to be and do the things we want do. It sounds like such a simple concept. And it is simple, but it's not necessarily easy. Most of us are conditioned to living in our heads and projecting our thoughts to the future or the past.

There are many great ideas of how to experience being in the present moment. You can do yoga or meditate. Anything that has you focus on your breathing can bring you to the present moment. Often, if you do an activity that you really love, you will be in the moment. I find that one of the easiest ways for me to be in the moment is to do something creative. Whenever I write or paint, I feel like time evaporates. I find that when I am creating, I can focus and it seems like nothing else exists. I also get that feeling when I am coaching someone. I can focus completely on my client and what is happening in that moment. That is why love all these activities. Being in the present moment feels great.

A very simple way to be present is one that Eckhart Tolle suggests in his book A New Earth. In his book, he says that if you just take a moment to focus completely on the feeling in your fingers, you will start to feel a tingling or energy. Just that simple act puts you in the present moment. So for myself, I am going to choose to do something very simple this week. Every time I am waiting in line for something, I am going to focus on being present. That might be a double blessing because it will help me exercise being present and it will take away the stress of feeling like my time is wasted being in line.

Other simple ideas for ways to be present include:

  • Go into Nature

  • Smile

  • Wiggle Your Toes

  • Laugh

  • Play With Kids or Pets

  • Shut Off Your Phone/Devices

  • Stretch

  • Drink Water

  • Breathe

These are just a few easy ideas. If you need some other ideas, just google "How to be present?" or "Mindfulness." It doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, it is better if whatever you pick is really simple.

And, as always, I would love to hear from you on what you will do this week to be in the present moment. Feel free to share in the comments below, on Facebook or in our Weekly ONE Thing Facebook Group!

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