• Chantal

Your Holiday Tradition

What is the holiday tradition you are looking forward to observing or creating?

Last week's question was "What is ONE Thing that you want to give this holiday season?" I had said I wanted to be present with people in all my interactions with them over the holidays. So far, I feel like having that focus has helped me to do that. I want to continue to focus on that for the rest of the holidays... and always. It is easy for me to forget that and get preoccupied by all the things that I need to do. I think being more intentional in planning my days will help me to feel less frantic when the schedule gets busy and that will also support me in being more present. I have to remind myself continuously that it is the journey of life and not the destination that is important. It will probably be a life-long lesson, but well worth focussing on.

I am still on the theme of the holidays for my weekly question. What is the ONE holiday tradition that you are looking forward to observing or creating? So much of the fun of the holiday season comes from the traditions that each family has. Things like decorating the tree and house, baking cookies, making lovely meals, giving gifts, spending time with family and friends. There is both comfort and joy in recreating these experiences each year. There are